Mango Tree Wisdom: Talks on the Extinction of Suffering with Pemasiri Thera

David Young

In the Mahavamsa, The Great Chronicle of Ceylon, Wilhem Geiger, Ph.D. says the arahat Mahinda met King Devampiyatissa at Mihintale Mountain in Sri Lanka roughly in the year 246 B.C.E. The arahat Mahinda asked the king a subtle question to test whether the king was wise enough to grasp the Dhamma.

Arahat Mahinda pointed to a mango tree and asked: “What name does this tree bear, O king?”

King Devampiyatissa: “This tree is called a mango.”

Arahat Mahinda: “Is there yet another mango besides this?”

King Devampiyatissa: “There are many mango trees.”

Arahat Mahinda: “And are there yet other trees besides this mango and the other mangoes?”

King Devampiyatissa: “There are many trees sir; but those are trees that are not mangoes.”

Arahat Mahinda: “And are there, besides the other mangoes and those trees which are not mangoes, yet other trees?”

King Devampiyatissa: “There is this mango tree sir.”

Arahat Mahinda: “Thou have a shrewd wit, O ruler of men.”

Cover design by Paul Payer of Marmora, Ontario, Canada

Cover artwork by Dr. Peter Schuepp of Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Peter said, “I think the cover looks really good, and your friend Paul Payer did a great job designing it. My only concern now is that I’d like to make sure that the acknowledgment for the cover design is okay. Since it is the reproduction of a mural painted for the Libervida School this has to be mentioned. Perhaps something like ‘Cover design based on, or reproduced from, mural in the Libervida School for children with AIDS, Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil, by Peter Schuepp’. Please confirm because I do not want to shortchange the school, which has a hard enough time, and for whom I made the mural after all. This is important to me.”