Heal yourself with Yoga: Specific Asanas for Specific Diseases

E. R. Ram Kumar

Based on personal experience and sound knowledge this is a book for everyone — men, women and children, fhe young and the old, the sick and the healthy. Here is information on how to cure diseases and disorders, on how to keep fit, free of physical troubles and stay for ever young. For the ill and the suffering, the author has described and explained the mode of practice of specific yogic asanas for many diseases, disorders and common complaints.

With the widening knowledge and appreciation of the physical and mental benefits that yoga can confer on humanity throughout the world, a book like this needs to be written. In it Ihe author has laid emphasis on only one aspect of yoga — how to practise yogic asanas and breathing exercises to cure diseases and common ailments, aches and pains, and how to preserve good health, which alone can lead to a long happy life free of physical discomforts and mental peace.

The author writes not merely theoretically but from his own experience as a regular practitioner of yogic exercises, and so he is always practical in his statements, instructions and mode of doing the yogic poses. Besides, the book is based on sound medical facts which the author has explained in simple non-technical terms. He has convincingly co-related the value of asanas to the different parts of the body, the brain and the nerves, the circulatory, digestive and other systems, the all-important ductless glands and the endocrinal functions.

Here is a book for you and your whole family — for all those who not only wish to heal themselves of any disease or complaint they may be suffering from, but who desire to remain for ever free of all physical suffering and mental stresses, mild or severe, and thus lead a happy trouble-free life from childhood to a rejuvenated old age.