Yogi Svatmarama. Translated by Pancham Sinh
Heal Yourself With Yoga  - Ram Kumar
E. R. Ram Kumar

Based on personal experience and sound knowledge this is a book for everyone — men, women and children, fhe young and the old, the sick and the healthy. Here is information on how to cure diseases and disorders, on how to keep fit, free of physical troubles and stay for ever young. For the ill and the suffering, the author has described and explained the mode of practice of specific yogic asanas for many diseases, disorders and common complaints.

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V. G. Rele

The primary object of this book is to impress on the reader how the vicissitudes of middle life react unfavorably on health and how the practice of asanas mentioned in the Yogic literature of India counteracts this tendency towards ill health. Asanas, as a means of physical culture, are growing in importance both in India and abroad, particularly amongst the cultured classes.